2 Channel Mini-Amplifier with Surface Mount IR Sensor and Remote Control

Episode ElectronicsKIT-EA-MINI-2D-35


Featuring the Episodeᆴ 2 Channel Digital Mini-Amplifier, Surface Mount IR Receiver, and Remote Control, this kit has everything needed for programming and controlling the mini amp, and capturing in-room commands. The amp features two inputs with selectable priority plus IR control with learning ヨ so it works with any universal remote or control system. Simply tuck it out of sight (it fits perfectly in our Strongル VersaBox!) and stick the receiver wherever itメs convenient for the customer. You can use the Episodeᆴ Remote Control to get full functionality of the amp ヨ including bass, treble and balance adjustments ヨ and to program discrete IR commands. Plus, the included IR receiver features advanced IR filtering for resistance to interference from plasma/LCD displays, plus AT&T Uverse support ヨ all in a compact, easy-to-hide form factor.This kit includes (1) EA-MINI-2D-35, (1) EA-MINI-R, and (1) EE-IR-RCVR-SM. For more information please visit www.snapav.com or contact our Pros.

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