Landscape Kit with 4 - 4" Satellite Speakers and 1000 Watt Hybrid Amplifier

Episode SpeakersKIT-EA-ES-LS-SAT-4


Whether playing soft background music or rocking in your backyard, this Episode Landscape Series Kit provides stunning, discreet audio performance. It features four premium 4ヤ two-way speakers driven by a powerful two-channel Episode amplifier for a superior performance thatメs unmatched by the competition ヨ and at a fraction of the cost, it only sounds expensive. Preconfigured DSP settings match the amp to the speakers and offer customizable parameters to match your specific application. The system supports hybrid 70V/8-ohm systems, and the speakers feature tap settings for individual volume control in 70V mode. This kit includes (4) ES-LS-SAT-4-BRN, and (1) EA-AMP-HYB-2D-1000. For more information please visit or contact our Pros.

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