350 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbar for TV's from 46 to 52in. (Black | Each)

Episode SpeakersES-350-SNDBAR-40-BLK


Great sound never looked so stylish. The Episodeᆴ 350 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbar is made with premium components and designed to fit alongside flat-planel TVs for a modern look! Theyメre actually three independent speakers in one ヨ consisting of left, center, and right (LCR) channels, and are perfect for living room and bedroom applications. With multiple soundbar sizes available, they can be used with a wide range of TV sizes, from as small as 37ヤ and up to 65ヤ and larger. For more information please visit www.snapav.com or contact our Pros.

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