400 Commercial Series 2x2 Tile Replacement Speaker, 70V Switch, 6.5in Woofer, 1in Tweeter

Episode SpeakersECS-400-70V-2x2-TR


Remove the ceiling tile, make your connections, and pop in this Episodeᆴ 400 Commercial Series 2x2 Tile Replacement Speaker ヨ it doesnメt get easier than that! Perfectly suited for paging and background music, this 70V speaker makes drop-ceiling installations a breeze, eliminating the need to cut a hole and install a tile bridge. Featuring an easy-to-use rotary tap setting switch, a 6-1/2ヤ polypropylene driver, 1ヤ tweeter, and built-in security loops, this speaker has everything you need for your next commercial application. For more information please visit www.snapav.com or contact our Pros.

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